Skyzoo Archives #28 – Never Sleep (Prod. Illmind)


At #28, this is “Never Sleep-2007″, produced by Illmind. This is a joint from my Corner Store Classic mixtape that I dropped in 2007. This was the last song I recorded for the tape, and to me was one of my faves. Illmind sent me this beat like 2 years prior, and I knew that I would use it at some point, so I held on to it for awhile. When I was finishing up the tape, I felt like I needed one more “grind music” type of joint to really embody the concept of the tape, so I dug through the files and pulled this beat up, started writing, and 30 minutes later I was in the booth recording. I sent it to Illmind and he loved it, and then I threw it on the tape. Corner Store Classic was always planned to be a concept tape, aiming to be a soundtrack to the corner stores of America, and I feel like this song was a perfect fit for the story line. So, here it is; “Never Sleep-2007″, produced by Illmind. Holla. P.S: we’re almost at the end of the archives series, so stay tuned for what’s next…

Skyzoo Archives #28 – Never Sleep (Prod. Illmind)


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