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Skyzoo Archives #28 – Never Sleep (Prod. Illmind)

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At #28, this is “Never Sleep-2007″, produced by Illmind. This is a joint from my Corner Store Classic mixtape that I dropped in 2007. This was the last song I recorded for the tape, and to me was one of my faves. Illmind sent me this beat like 2 years prior, and I knew that I would use it at some point, so I held on to it for awhile. When I was finishing up the tape, I felt like I needed one more “grind music” type of joint to really embody the concept of the tape, so I dug through the files and pulled this beat up, started writing, and 30 minutes later I was in the booth recording. I sent it to Illmind and he loved it, and then I threw it on the tape. Corner Store Classic was always planned to be a concept tape, aiming to be a soundtrack to the corner stores of America, and I feel like this song was a perfect fit for the story line. So, here it is; “Never Sleep-2007″, produced by Illmind. Holla. P.S: we’re almost at the end of the archives series, so stay tuned for what’s next…

Skyzoo Archives #28 – Never Sleep (Prod. Illmind)


Skyzoo Archives #27: Peter Rosenberg Freestyle

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“So at #27, I figured I’d do something a little different. This is a freestyle I did for Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg back in 2007. For those who don’t know, Rosenberg is a DOPE radio DJ up here in NYC. He’s pretty much the hope that dudes like myself, Little Brother, Torae, Black Milk, Jay Electronica, etc, have to get burn on the air (for now. Tides will be changing soon tho!). He’s pretty much THE DUDE. So when he first came up to Hot 97, he hit me and asked for a freestyle. I of course said “no problem”, and then he said “just make sure its on a Dilla beat”. That’s when I declared that Rosenberg is THE DUDE. The thing about this freestyle though, is that its REALLY a freestyle. The concept of a freestyle is starting to become ancient, and thats corny. I grew up freestyling all day, every day, every where, and most new rappers can’t say the same. So I literally walked in the booth and freestyled, start to finish, one take, off the dome. I then listened to it a few times to learn it and proceeded to do the ad libs. I sent it to Pete that afternoon and he played it that same night, and then again, and again, for the next 4 Sundays. Like I said, he’s THE DUDE. So once again, this is my Peter Rosenberg Freestyle from 2007 for his Hot 97 show. Enjoy. PS: the mixtape and the album are both so close to completion its scary. I promise you, the tape (The Power Of Words) is a rewind button’s wet dream, and the album (The Salvation) is everything the record store shelves ISN’T. Holla.”

What he said about freestylin is so true….i’ll make sure your one of the first to hear that new mixtape he got on the way, and i’m respectin the way he is promoting his upcoming mixtapes n album…keep it up SKYLER.

Skyzoo Archives #27: Peter Rosenberg Freestyle

Skyzoo ft. Sic Osyrus [Archives #26] – “I Still Love Her”(prod. OZ)

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Skyzoo ft. Sic Osyrus – I Still Love Her

Black Milk’s Tronic Release Party

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more about “Black Milk’s Tronic Release Party“, posted with vodpod

Tronic release party with performance by U-N-I, Folks&Stress, Da Young Vet, Skyzoo, and DJ Ready Cee. Shouts to Vimby..

Skyzoo Archives #25 – “Hold Tight”(Prod. by Black Milk)

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So at #25, i’m bringing yall another 2 for 1 special. This is “Hold Tight” & “Hold Tight Remix” (f/Black Milk), both produced by Black Milk. These are from 2007, with the original being from my Corner Store Classic mixtape ( if you dont have it yet), and the remix being from the CSC remix version that I did for itunes. The original version was from the first beat cd that Black ever sent me. This was my favorite off of a cd where every beat was a monster. For the record, Black is one of the best producers out, hands down (along with 9th Wonder, Illmind, and all the other beasts who are on my album, shameless plug). I easily put him in the top 20 ever, quote that. So this joint is a banger that I knew was gonna be a fave of mine when I recorded it. The beat for the remix was from another cd that Black gave me months later. The knock on this beat is crazy, so I figured why not jump on it and make it a newer version of the original. For the record, pt 2, Black also got bars, so I told him I wanted him to cathc wreck on the remix and he was with it no prob. In my opinion, we made a classic remix. I love how both records came out. So here they are; “Hold Tight” & “Hold Tight Remix” (f/Black Milk), both produced by Black Milk. Keep an eye out for the new shit we got coming soon via my album and mixtape, and go cop that “Tronic” album ( “You don’t even gotta ask about it/you wanted Jigga & Dilla on a track, you got it!”… – Skyzoo

Skyzoo – Hold Tight

Skyzoo ft. Black Milk – Hold Tight(remix)

Skyzoo Archives #24 ft. Chaundon & Sean Price – Submission(prod. 9th Wonder) (2006)

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Skyzoo Archives #24 ft. Chaundon & Sean Price – Submission(prod. 9th Wonder) (2006)

Dj Deadeye ft. Termanology & Skyzoo – “Girl Interrupted”

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Just saw this man live last night at the method man redman “still high” tour in Seattle which is where i’m from. Even though the title of the tour is still high unlike any other concert i’ve been to the staff was going through the crowd making sure nothing was being smoked… n my dude even had to stomp our shit out, but luckily we had a back up. I’ve never seen a more live performance….if any one has a chance to see meth and red live please take my word for it and purchase a ticket.

Dj Deadeye ft. Termanology & Skyzoo – Girl Interrupted